The Shops at Bestgate, Annapolis, MD

Over 40 Years of Development Experience

Maggin Construction Company, Inc. employs its forty years of experience in both construction and development to understand, plan, and implement a cohesive vision that encompasses all facets required by a real estate project. Active leadership, communication, and sound judgement provide the basis of our unwavering commitment to each job and our development partners. We believe that the long-term success of any real estate endeavor requires its integration into the needs of the surrounding community. We strive to serve our investors, development partners and the needs of the community in all our ventures, as evidenced by our long-term relationships and the financial success of our projects.

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Development Services we Offer:

Feasibility Analysis

Project Underwriting

Advisory Services

Design Engagement & Control

Entitlements & Approvals

Tenant Procurement

Property/Asset Management

Investor Communication